Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

I want to go back to the collateral issue for a minute. I share some of the concerns about the options on the TSLF that President Lacker and President Hoenig were discussing. I assume we will come back and talk more about some of those things, but I do have a question about the collateral. My understanding in the discussion about the larger collateral on term lending is that it would also apply to the primary credit lending, which means that if somebody came into the primary credit facility and asked for primary credit of two or three days, they would have to have this 125 percent or this extra collateral. Is that the way we are interpreting this thing, and is that really what we want to be doing by raising the collateral on term loans at the primary credit facility? I am just confused about that and whether—particularly on things less than 30 days, the primary credit facility—we want to be applying the same standard to that lending as we are on the longer TAF stuff. Just a question.

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