Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

Tom, let me say just a word about that. The “unusual and exigent” is a determination that the Board makes. I personally feel comfortable with that determination at this time, given a lot of indicators of stresses in the markets. In addition, I think that, in the absence of our facilities, the risks of systemic problems would be much higher. I think it is useful for us to give a time frame, to provide some sense of assurance to market participants that, if conditions remain stressed, there will be these backups. I would note, for example, with respect to your point about underutilization, that the PDCF is now at zero and has been at zero; but I do think that its presence has actually provided some assurance. Finally, I would also mention that—as you will see, if you have not already seen in our official resolution on this—if at any point going forward the Board determines that unusual and exigent circumstances do not prevail—and Scott is nodding—we would not be committed to going six months. At that point we would no longer have a basis for maintaining these programs. So we do have to make that determination, and at this point I would say it is a reasonable determination.

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