Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I do favor alternative A. In terms of what will happen with the prime rate, I frankly don’t know, but I think it will leave the banks to determine their own prime rate and floors as they wish. I would not minimize the fact that we are actually still setting a rate for the interest on excess reserves as well as the discount rate. This experience with interest on reserves is brand new for us, and I don’t think we’ve had enough experience to know how it is actually going to work. It does leave room for the spread to establish itself as the fed funds market regenerates, and I think it gives us some room to have some experience with that regime. I think this communicates the regime change better than any of the other alternatives, and at the end of the day, this is a communication document. I would strongly echo President Pianalto’s comments that, in this new regime, we really need to stay on the same page to avoid total confusion in the marketplace. I know that independence of thought is one of the strengths of this body, but if we could for a time set that aside at least in public and all speak from the same talking points, it would make all of our policies more effective.

In terms of the specifics of the statement, I would defer to another day the language in brackets in paragraph 2 of alternative A. The conditional language I would keep in. About the phrase “to continue” and really all of paragraph 4, to my mind, although we are continuing some of the things that the Board has done, it has not necessarily been clear that all of these have been considered by the FOMC. To me this takes everything we are doing and puts it in the middle of this table and gives us time to discuss which of them we like, what we might use or not use, and how we might express the degree to which we would use all of these tools. We’ve made a lot of progress in a very short time in coming to the broad outlines of the things that we might do going forward, and in coming meetings we’ll actually contour those more and make them more specific. I would include that as well. As to whether or not we “use” our balance sheet or “expand” our balance sheet, I would leave it at this point as “use our balance sheet” and have further discussion on that. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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