Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. My preference is to move in this meeting to the consensus lower-bound range for the funds target, and I prefer the range of 0 to 25. So I believe either alternative A or alternative B will work as serviceable options, and I can live with either one. But I actually lean toward alternative B. I think it is the clearest, and with the inclusion of the language related to deflation, it is also internally more consistent. In particular, my preference is to indicate that the FOMC intends to keep the policy rate low until economic and credit conditions improve, and I think it is appropriate to emphasize that our policies will be calibrated based on longer-term inflation objectives.

As I said yesterday, I am thinking that the conditionality language could be stronger. Specifically, I have in mind something along the lines of a statement that reads that “the Committee intends to maintain this range for the federal funds rate until such time that it judges conditions are present for material and sustained improvements in financial market functioning and economic growth, and the Committee believes that this policy course is consistent with its medium-term price stability objective.” I think that kind of language could fit at the beginning of paragraph 4, around that area, in alternative B. I think that is stronger than the implicit conditionality that is already in the statement. In my rounds of contacts before the meeting, one conversation did resonate with me. It was a call from a financial market participant for hearing what the plan is and what the strategy is and affirming that there is a plan. I think stronger conditionality language would respond to that need in the marketplace.

As regards the questions, I think I have already covered some of them. I would prefer the specifying of a range in alternative B. I would lean toward including the language “and sees some risk that inflation could decline” because it ties in with the “all available tools” language at the beginning of paragraph 4. In other words, I think, if we include that language in paragraph 3, we are setting up a risk and the “employ all available tools” responds strongly to that risk.

Regarding the inclusion of the long-term Treasury securities, I am persuaded by Governor Kohn’s comment that we should include it. It is consistent with whatever public discussion we have had to date, including your speech of two weeks ago. So that is all. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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