Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. As requested, I will be brief. Like the Greenbook, we see an economy in which the unemployment rate remains very elevated, and inflation is below my target for several years. Our own equations would indicate that these elevated unemployment rates are likely to put even more downward pressure on the inflation rate than forecast in the Greenbook. The labor market is extremely weak, and there is a significant risk of deflation. I believe that greater use of nontraditional policies will be needed to mitigate more-severe outcomes than encompassed in the baseline forecast.

On the financial side I would just highlight two points. First, many banks are placing interest rate floors on home equity loans and on commercial loans. Pervasive use of floors may make the choice of which low federal funds target to pick of little relevance to actual borrowing costs. We may want to consider surveying banks to get a better understanding of where these floors are currently being set. Second, many firms are reporting that their lines are not being renewed and are asserting that it reflects problems with the bank not the borrower. Discussions with community banks indicate that, for smaller borrowers, community banks are benefiting from this trend. However, it may be useful to understand better how the reductions in lines, particularly at troubled banks, are affecting the overall economy.

Just a general point. I think bank micro behavior is going to be very important for macroeconomic outcomes, and we might want to increase the amount of effort that we are putting into understanding both their financial condition and how their behaviors may be changing over the next six to nine months. Whether that’s done through the bank supervision process or the loan officer survey or which mechanism we use, I think we need to probably get a little more intelligence on exactly what those trends are. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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