Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I have a question or observation, which is of the optimistic variety although it presents sort of a challenge. In the medium-term outlook in exhibit 4, if you focus on 2010, the Greenbook projection has real GDP growing at 2.4 percent. We’re beginning to come out of this. The unemployment rate is peaking. If you could implement the optimal control federal funds rate, it would be bottoming out. Maybe that would mean whatever quantitative easing credit programs we would be doing would be at their peak and maybe would be coming off. But it is also the time that the inflation rate is low and continuing to fall. This is going to be a tension for us as we start thinking about, and we are about to engage in mentioning, the possibility that inflation could be—well, whatever—lower than ideal. What would you guess the risks might be around that inflation forecast? How hard is it going to be for us not to continue to worry about inflation being low or to communicate that inflation is going to continue to be low even though things are improving? Just any kind of advice would be helpful.

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