Transcripts of the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve from 2002–2008.

We are looking for about minus 0.5 percent in December and minus 0.1 in January. We are also not expecting the core figures to remain as low as they have been running for the past month or two. We do think that they have been held down by some very significant declines in air fares. That could continue for another month or two—again, as the energy price pass-through works. They have also been held down by some very large declines in lodging away from home, which is a volatile series, and it is not likely to sustain this level. Despite the fact that we don’t see them as low as they have been the past two months—that is, declining to flat—we are expecting some fairly small increases going forward. We have core inflation heading down, and all of these exhibits have shown a significant reduction in price pressures coming from import prices, from energy prices, and from broader commodity prices as well as the increase in slack that, as Stephanie pointed out, is keeping a real lid on labor costs.

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